The Power of Laravel for Your Next Web and Application Development

Everyone loves visually appealing websites, but do you know what is required to build them? A robust and scalable framework! We understand how challenging it is to choose the best framework for your web development project during the initial phase.

Various questions will pop into your mind, such as which framework I should use. Which features the chosen framework should be included? Should my chosen framework have good documentation and support?

However, don’t worry! This blog will help you to get all your answers.

Although the web development industry is constantly evolving, Laravel is one such framework that is widely accepted by everyone.


This is because Laravel is feature-rich with simple syntax and a blooming community. That’s why most people prefer Laravel application development to build cost-effective and highly scalable websites and apps for business owners.

This article will walk you through why Laravel web application development is the preferred framework choice in the business world.

PHP Laravel Framework Is The New Norm Among Developers

Many frameworks are available in the industry right now, but Laravel has some stand-out features that make this framework extra special.

Sounds unbelievable, right?

But it’s a truth.

There are 27,696,147 websites currently live on the internet that PHP powers.

From this stat, you can imagine how beneficial it would be to choose a PHP framework for your next web application project.

Among all frameworks, the Laravel framework comes with multiple built-in libraries and features.

However, before diving deep into these features, let us first understand what Laravel is and some key facts.

What is Laravel?

It is an open-source PHP framework. Laravel framework was created by Taylor Otwell in 2011. The framework has gained popularity because of its simple syntax, flexibility, and developer-friendly approach.

Laravel works on MVC architecture and uses PHP to provide us with various tools and feature-rich functionalities to build cutting-edge web applications. The framework is user-friendly and can seamlessly integrate with third-party libraries and services.

Laravel – Key Facts

  • There are almost 700,000 stars on GitHub, which makes it one of the most popular PHP frameworks.
  • Laravel framework is downloaded more than 10 million times per month.
  • There are over 1 million active users of the Laravel framework.
  • Most companies of all sizes, including Guardian, Taylor Swift, and Spotify, use it.

Let’s check out its features in the next section so you can understand why it is best.

Key Features That Make Laravel Unique

With the following features, Laravel provides an extraordinary development experience that increases scalability and productivity.

1) Highly Compatible With Databases

Laravel works perfectly with various databases, like SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, Postgere, etc. Whenever any updates and queries are in the database, they can be done without much effort.

2) Quick Job Processing

One of the most special features of this framework is that it processes slow background jobs quickly, such as email sending and report generation. Laravel has a robust queue system that makes this framework promising for the quickest job processing.

3) Impressive User Experience

The main objective of any business is to offer the best user experience, and the Laravel framework is perfect for it. This framework comes with WebSocket ability, which is best suited for real-time Laravel web application development.

4) Authentication

This framework offers a solid base for secure authentication for APIs and mobile applications. The framework offers robust security features to protect web application development against SQL injection, XSS, and CSRF. Its built-in security features give developers peace of mind. That’s why it is a secure choice for developing web applications. Contact us today if you are looking for a Laravel development company that follows Laravel security essentials.

Reasons Why Laravel Is The Best Framework

If you are wondering why Laravel is the best framework, read on to get its answer.

1) Open Source PHP Framework

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework. Let us understand what open source means. Open source means anyone who wants to use it can use this framework ( startup, individual, or large enterprise). This framework can be used to create complex and large web applications or websites.

2) Regular Updates

Laravel framework is open-source, but developers don’t need a license to use it. The best part is that it gets regular updates through its customized modules and abilities.

3) MVC Architecture

Laravel follows an MVC architectural pattern, encouraging developers to write structured code. This Model View Controller ensures flexibility, performance, and high scalability. The MVC architecture allows the smooth running of web applications and websites.

4) Easy To Understand Syntax & Developer-Friendly Approach

Laravel framework is an elegant, simple, and easy-to-understand syntax. So developers can write readable and efficient codes for Laravel application development. The framework is beginner-friendly and helps developers in increasing their productivity. Its artisan command-line interface easily automates repetitive tasks.

5) Robust Libraries

Laravel has robust libraries compared to other frameworks, which enable Laravel developers to build professional websites for enterprises. As the library offers a variety of functions, developers can easily build websites and applications. Laravel’s library offers pre-built codes and functions. One of the best library examples is Eloquent, an object-relational mapping tool that allows quicker processing.

6) Blade Template Engine

It is the pre-installed templating engine, which is lightweight, powerful, and simplifies the dynamic webpage creation. Blade comes with intuitive syntax, which provides impressive performance. Therefore, it is the most preferred choice for developing high-performance web apps.

7) Various Web Apps Development

Using the Laravel framework, you can develop various types of applications, including on-demand eCommerce web applications, finance and banking, travel and tourism, healthcare and education, media and entertainment, etc. The Laravel framework is perfect for speed, customization, and scalability, making it the preferred choice for various Laravel web application development.

8) Community Support

Another feature that makes the Laravel framework best for app and website development is its vast community support. This community has more than 53K members globally, and its number is still increasing. The community portal of Laravel is known as Interestingly, big players like Forge,, Beyondcode, etc. play a major role in strengthening the community.

9) Testing

Laravel has its own testing tool, widely known as Laravel Dusk. Selenium is also a compatible tool for testing Laravel framework-based applications. The robust testing and debugging tools ease the development process. The framework offers a testing suite that provides built-in support for various types of testing, such as integration testing, unit testing, and acceptance testing.

Laravel has an error handling and logging system. Therefore, developers can easily find out and solve the issues. It improves the overall stability and quality of web applications.

10) Highly Compatible With Advanced Technologies

Laravel framework can be easily integrated with modern technologies such as APIs, cloud services, and mobile applications. Due to this high compatibility feature, Laravel developers can build websites and apps that perfectly align with cutting-edge technology trends. It ensures that the application or website remains future-proof.

Concluding Remarks

In a nutshell, Laravel is the perfect backend framework for web development projects – big or small. Choosing Laravel application development offers various features that benefit businesses. Laravel is a reliable and stable framework. It comes with built-in security and authentication tools so that you can complete your project on time without any glitches by choosing it.

So, if you want to experience peace of mind and search for the best Laravel website development company, contact us today. We offer custom web development services for startups, mid-sized businesses, and enterprises. So, you can experience cost-effectiveness, scalability, consumer engagement, and robustness with your tailored Laravel web application development.